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The musical works are composed on a score editor, recorded and mixed on several sequencers.

  • Sibelius

Sibelius is a software intended for professionals, consisting in writing in digital format music scores from the simplest to

more sophisticated in every detail. It is coupled to theVienna Symphony Suite (VSL) which guarantees an auditory model close to a real orchestra. It is ideal for bothimage projects, thanks to thesynchronization integratedvideos, and both to musical projects alone.

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  • ProTools

ProTools is now the reference software in the professional world of the sequencer (DAW). An interface and an unequaled audio engine, it allows you to record any type of 

socket, vocal instrumental or sound effects, and perform the mixing and/or mastering there.

  • Logic Pro

Logic Pro is the second DAW used mainly for arrangements and for mixing. This sequencer has a more intuitive and practical advantage, allowing to  

easily combine MIDI files, sound effects & the acoustic sockets.

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