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                                Massis Markarian is a composer, arranger and                                   music orchestrator. He specializes in                                 in the creation of musical images such as films                                 animations or video games. He also puts his                                   arranger and sound engineer skills at                                       service of other artists in music to make them tailor-made albums. He followed 7 years of musical training in Lyon, passing through the university of musicology and the conservatory, to now end up with a professional self-employed with a music studio. He passes on his passion to young Ardèche students by being, at the same time, music theory teacher in a music school in St-Peray. Having been the subject of a personality

inspiring in its

department of origin, it was 

interviewed by the newspaper  

local "Etoile Le Mag" and the 

valentin newspaper

"Free People" (available directly above) where he was able to share with the journalists in question his vision of musical composition.

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